Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back and ready to rock!

Hello friends!
I know its been while since Ive posted. I am so happy to be back after a successful run of "Master Class" in old town Sacramento where I was honored to play the part of "Sophie" a voice student, in a brilliant play written by Terrance McNally about famous Soprano/opera Singer, Maria Callas! It was a paid "gig" and my first show where I earned equity points so very exciting. I will never forget my experience with Capital Stage Theater and especially the amazing leading lady Janis Stevens. we were given four stars in the Sac bee and were extended a full week due to its success! Needless to say, I had to take a break from the production of my album due to there only being so many hours in a day! Between being a Momma and actor/singer -my plate was really full! Im ready to get back on track with "Broken Vessel" though and things are already set in motion!
The JJ Hellar concert that I am blessed enough to be opening for is rapidly approaching! May 19th is right around the corner and the goal is to have my official website up and running compliments of Jeremiah Cooper as well as an album to put in your hands by that date! I get back in the studio tomorrow night and will be discussing a plan and schedule with great sound engineer, Curtis Meyers, to get the the recording part of the album polished and ready to Master. May 2nd is my photo shoot for the album and website! Thank Thankyou to Sarah Dawson-AMAZING photographer and friend who is driving to knights Ferry with me taking my pictures! The talented and lovely Danielle Parker will be driving down as well to do my hair and makeup. Thank you Ladies!
I wanted to invite you all to my church this Easter Sunday, I will be singing the same set of songs that I am singing at the JJ Heller concert and taking a "Love offering" that will go directly to the production of my album: travel expense, printing costs, cd covers and production etc. The location is Grimes Community Church and the service starts at 10 am.
Thank you all for your love and support stay tuned!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Learning to Fly

I want to belong
but not possessed
I want to feel safe
but not sheltered
I want to be loved
but not owned
I want to be free
but not alone
i want to be held
but not imprisoned
i want to be wanted
but not craved for
I want to be trusting
but not naive
I want to believe
but don't want to be decieved
I want to hope
but don't want to hurt
i want so badly to fly
but don't want to fall


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nature's Course

Like sand
you slip away through my fingertips
that faint glimmer of hope
is now just one grain, lost among trillions

Like raindrops
you fall from my fragile graces
that small seed of love
sprouting, is now washing away, drowning in my tears

Like plucked flowers
we seem to be fading away
that once fragrant bloom
is now stale and brittle, crumpling in our hands

Like a Tree
we have fallen
once strong and alive
we have become rotten with disease

Like brewing storms
We have reached full impact
our delicate remnants of a home
are now devastated and destroyed

I suppose all that is left for us
is to let Nature,
Take its Course!


Friday, January 22, 2010


Imperfect but glorious
Flawed and sacred
scarred yet untouched

Strong but vulnerable
Cold and warm
Proud yet unsure

Uncovered but hidden
Beautiful and ugly
Admired yet scrutinized

Free but confined
confident and unsure
Wanted yet discarded

Brave but still afraid
Braisen and quiet
Bold yet Demure

Obvious but mysterious
built up and let down
comfortable yet unsettling

but most of all....
Anti climactic ;)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What I Want

I want
What is peaceful

I want
What is good

I want
What is truth

I want
What is brave

I want
What is light

I want
What is beautiful

I want
What is honest

I want
What is pure

I want
What is love

I want
What is profound

I want
What is eternal

I want
What is lovely

I want
What is wise

I want
what is right

Most of all....

I want
What is real

To have been the antithesis of these things
can be what it takes to truly know you want them
And I truly know....

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Sudden change of Scene
An awakening
unexpected and welcome
A new day dawning

Feeling alive again
Senses are keen
warm and aware
touching and breathing

Mind bright and soul on fire
Heart glowing with love once more
A love for life
Thriving and free

Hope is restored
and peace is nearby
quitely there to comfort and soothe
My beautiful garden is waiting.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Rip it off
Quickly, before its too late
This wound is trying to heal
and needs air

Feel the sharp sting
The adhesive tears from the skin
once needed to stay intact
no longer serves its purpose

D0 it quickly
It hurts worse if you peel it slowly
like a child you don't believe me
there is that fear of the pain
trust me

it was comfortable there
for a while
safe and protecting the wound
but now the wound is rotting underneath
the suffocating layers

Tear it away
Let the wound breath Dammit
It needs to breath
to be exposed
It will only be a second

Go ahead and cry
savor the saltiness
Healing tears
Feel the sting
as they fall on the wound